Monday, January 28, 2013

Week in Review

I didn't do a week in review on Friday so I thought I would do it now.  I am going to stop on Friday so when I do this week's, it will be a full week.

It was a busy week so I didn't get as much done on the website as I would have like.  This week should be better.  I am already working on my Menu Possibilities.

 Monday - I started a new posting on the recipe page, it is going to be called Menu Planning Monday.  You can find the first posting over on the recipe page.  I hope you will be able to find some menu ideas.  I also played around in the kitchen, the results are also on the recipe page.

Wednesday - As I said, I was busy this week, so my Random Thoughts were small.  I just didn't have time to think or jot down any thoughts.  My husband's boss had surgery this week and I wanted to make her a card so you can find it over on the stamping page.

Even with everything going on, I managed to get the Photo A Day pictures.  I was late posting some of them but they are all there.  Now to get this week's pictures done.  There are also some sunset pictures.  I just love catching a pretty sunset.  One of these days, I will get up in time to get a sunrise.

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