Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Random Thoughts

It is hard to come up with ideas some times so I have been checking out other sites to see what they do.  As I find new ideas and/or suggestions, you will see some things being added. 

One of the things I saw over on Brown Eyed Baker was "Friday Things".  It is just random thoughts or things that are happening.  I think I will try this.  I am going to do it on Wednesday and the post will be named Random Thoughts.  I will post it on the main page on Wednesdays.  I want to come up with a pic to use with it.

So here is my first Random Thoughts post.  My goal is to have 5 - 10 things each week.  Today's maybe smaller since it is the first one and I haven't had time to think about it.

1)   I feel like I am bad at the chit chat stuff, so my post are always short.  I really want to get better at this.  So hopefully you will be seeing longer post.

2)  Valentine's Day - It isn't one of those big holidays around my house.  In fact, my husband and I never exchange gifts.  I do like making Valentine's Day cards and crafts, so here are some things I would like to work on over the next couple of weeks.  Do you have any traditions for the day?  Any recipes? Feel free to share.

     Candy Heart Centerpiece = I like this, but I don't normally get flowers for Valentine's and since it  is still winter, there aren't any in my flowerbeds.  Maybe I will try it with a candle inside.  I love candles.  I wonder if it will get hot enough to mess up the candy.


Last year, I really got into making wreaths.  I love changing them out.  I am thinking about making this one for Valentine's Day.  I will have to take my Alabama Roll Tide one off but football is over so I guess it is time for a new one.

I thought these would make some good Valentine's Day cookies.

3)  Several years ago, I started using knitting looms.  The only time I pull them out is during the winter months.  I usually just make hats and scarves for the local hospital.  This year, I want to figure out how to make socks.

4)  This weekend's forecast warmer and rainy.  Up to 55 on Saturday.  This is unheard of for January in Michigan.

That's it for this week.  Next week,  I will try to have more.

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