Saturday, October 10, 2015

Welcome to the weekend

Hello and how is every one doing?  I have been in the funk lately.  I got a cold and then developed a cough and I really haven't been doing a lot.  Plus I have been reading a really good book.

I finally sat down to decorate my planner for this week.  I am doing Halloween themes all month long except next week.  Next week is my birthday week and I am doing pink and Breast Cancer Awareness.  It should be fun.

On to this week.  I thought I would take some pictures and I decorated.  I am trying to stick to jack-o-lanterns and sweet treats.

I started with the bottom of the page.  I am using the jack-o-lantern washi from the Dollar Store.  I don't have the colors figured out yet but I am thinking mainly black and orange.  We will see when I start adding things.

After that I went to the top of the page.  For the last few weeks, I have been covering up the dates and making my own.  This week, I went with more jack-o-lanterns and then added a black number on the side for the date.  Really really cute.

Now to do the sidebar and the morning, afternoon and night headers.  I always put washi across them.  I don't have a lot of narrow washi so I just cut to the size I want.  I usually leave the leftover washi on my cutting board.  When I picked out the paper for the side, I wanted to see what my stickers were going to look like on it, so I went ahead and added a pumpkin sticker. 

I have recently picked up several set of weather stickers off of Etsy.  The ones I am using today are from The Adorable Elephant.  I put them partly on the washi so that the clouds will show up.  I started writing with the Bic Mark It marker, but it is a thicker than I like, so I changed back to my Paper Mate Flairs.

On to Monday....I am just going to list the stickers I have used for each day
   Washer - KG Planner
   Spray Bottle - The Ninja Planner
   Pumpkin Full Box - The Ninja Planner
   Small Banner - Paws Paper 
   Steps - Sweet Cheeks
   Vacuum - Libbie & Co
   Flowers - Planner Mania
   Black Glitter Dot - Hobby Lobby
   Trash Bag - Planner Mania
   Small Dot - Paws Paper
   Dollar - The Ninja Planner
   Appt Box - MAMBI
   Game Day - Paws Paper
   Book - Burnt Owl Studio 

I am going to need to get some pictures printed out but I usually want and do a month at one time.  The end of the week looks bare, but I left room for two pictures. 

That is about it for now.  I hope you have enjoyed my planner notes.   Chat with you later.