Thursday, September 10, 2015

Planner week August 24th thru 30th

Hello everyone.  I know I still need to post some shots of previous weeks but I thought I would write some thoughts as I was putting the week together.  Usually I do this early, but I was waiting on some stickers and this was just a busy week.

My theme is Elephants.  I am getting ready for the first college football game next week.  So you will see Elephants again.  The colors will be red and gray.  For the first time, I am using some full boxes.  I don't mind white space but I wanted to add the colors.

I made the weather stickers along with the grocery bag and the feet circles.  The feet are bigger then I wanted so when I print more I will size them down.

I am having trouble with my step tracker so I am not keeping my steps every day.  It might be time to look around for a different brand.

I am not using as many sticker from my elephant set as I thought.  The colors are just off.  Maybe later.

My son's room is done in University of Alabama colors and I have this cute little stuffed elephant on his bed.  I just had to include a picture of it on the page.

I like the weekend done in gray but I didn't want it all gray so I went looking through my scrap bag and found some light red paper.  And even though, I would it at the bottom, I added the gray weekend banner on it. 

It just dawned on me that I never finished this post.   Bad me.  And now I am even further behind.  I am going to get my desk cleaned off tonight and tomorrow after running some errands, I will try to get another post together.

Also I started an instagram account.  I am only going to use it for my crafty projects (planner, cards, project life, etc.).  It is psbpreston.  I am just learning the ins and outs so just bear with me.

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