Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy Saturday

Hello.  I don't know why but it seems like a Sunday instead of Saturday.  I am behind on my planner/memory pages.  I went on vacation to my parent's and when I got home I could find my card.  I have been using the camera on my phone but I just didn't think the planner pages looked right.  I finally found it tonight.

I have one week to show you tonight and then I will have another one tomorrow.  I will have several more once I get some pictures developed.  My pages lately have been a lot of writing but at least one picture per week.  Now that I have my camera back, hopefully I will be taking more.

I have July 6th through 12th to show you tonight.  I went with bright colors with a few ice creams here and there plus a page insert.  I love the flower pot picture.  I need to get a new one since the flowers have grown.  Maybe at the first of September, that way I will have the pictures two months apart.

 That is it for now.  Have a great night.

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