Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday Round-Up

Hello everyone.  Sorry I am a day late on posting this.  I came down with a cold this week and I just been so tired.  Hopefully, it is on its way and next week will be better. 

Even though, I was sick, I did add post to most of the pages.  Several new projects on stamping, a couple of new recipes that I found on the web, and even so pictures.  I am enjoying the last of my roses before the winter weather hits.

I had wanted to get some pictures of all of the buses lined up at the school, but it was a busy day and I never made it to the front of the school.  Maybe next year.

I haven't set any goals this week.  I am just going to wait until after I am over the cold.

Thoughts for the week:

   1)  Alabama is on a off week this week, but there is still some good games on.  Michigan vs Notre Dame should be good and I will try the SC vs Georgia just because...

   2)  It is so hard to believe that fall is here.  I am not ready to make the change from summer to fall, but I will be working on it this week.  Time to drag out the Halloween decorations.

   3)   As I said earlier, I am been sick this week.  I hate getting colds.  I hate the stuffiness and the congestions.  Nothing is worse than not being able to breath. 

   4)  I really want to bake some homemade cookies this week, does any one have a favorite recipe?

I hope everyone has a great week this week.

I am even changing my name tag to a fall one.

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