Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer's Almost Over

It is hard to believe that schools in Michigan will be starting back in less than six weeks.  Where has the summer gone.  My husband and I talked about several short trips/vacations but nothing came of the talking.  We have spent the summer at home.  And that is okay with me.  I have just relaxed and enjoyed the time off.

At the beginning of summer, I got a couple of new rose bushes.  I ordered through the mail and they were all bare roots, so they have had to grow alot.  I wasn't expecting any roses this summer.  One was a peach color and yesterday, I cut the first rose off of it.  The bush is still small, but it is blooming.  I am still getting roses off my red and yellow bushes.  Plus the yellow/pink multicolor bush is loaded with buds.

Well off to read for a little while.  I hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

Until later.....

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