Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer is almost over

Well the summer is just about over.  I have two more weeks until school starts back and I go back to work.  I had a lot of goals for the summer and I think I got about 75% done.

My first major goal was to get my migraines under control again.  I started having problems in December 2011 and they slowly got worse.  By May 2012, I was having migraines constantly.  I had seen several doctors and nothing seemed to work.  Then in a conversation with one of my doctors, a hospital was mentioned that specialized in migraines.  I came home and started searching the web.  It turned out that the "hospital" was local.  Actually, it is a practice that specializes in head and neck pain with an arrangement with a local hospital.  I made an appointment immediately.  I will have several doctors (Neurologist, General Pain, Behavorial Med, Physical Therapist, Internist) At the first appointment, my neurologist changed my meds.  After two weeks the meds had not helped, so it was decided that I would check into the hospital for 7-10 days so that strong meds could be used.  I will probably talk about this more later on the migraine page but it was a great experience.  I came out after a week with weaker migraines and a better out look about my migraines.  If you would like to follow my life with migraines check out my new migraine page.

Another goal was to do some major house cleaning.  I wanted to clean out closets and drawers.  All the walls needed wiping down and there is always furniture to rearrange.  I have managed to get all the rooms done except the kitchen, guest bedroom and Perry's office.  I will probably get the guest bedroom finished but I am not sure about the others.  We will see.

This is just two of my goals.  I will post about others as time goes by, but I really wanted to get something posted on my site.  I need to get on the treadmill.  I will chat later....

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