Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Round-Up

Since I always seem to get busy on Saturday and the round-up never gets done, I am going to try Sunday and see if I can do better on Sunday.

The only changes to the site are on the stamping page.  I haven't done as much as I was during the summer but I am still trying to find the time to make something.  I do have a few new recipes I want to add to the recipe page.  Hopefully this week.  I also have some new pictures of family to add to the photo page.

Thoughts of the week:
1)  My In-Laws have come and gone.  It was a quick but fun visit.  It is always fun spending time with family.

2)  It was homecoming weekend at school this past week.  It was busy but once again it was fun watching the kids.  The football team even won the game.  Congrats to all of the football players.

3)  Starting mid-week it was very humid.  We finally got the rain today and I am really enjoying the fall temperatures now.  I hope it stays this way.

4)  My nephew asked his girlfriend of over 5 years to marry him.  She said yes and I am so excited for both of them.  I may be wrong but I am expecting a long engagement.  I love the excitement of engagements.  I hope both will be happy.

I hope every one has a great week.

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